What is it? 

A Fundraising drive for the Regional Anthropomorphic Writers Retreat (RAWR). RAWR is the first furry residential writing workshop, bringing together authors from across the fandom to advance their writing skills. NOTE: We are not collecting donations this year. For more information, see the FAQ.

When is it? 

We're planning on having two Write-a-Thons a year: One in the Spring around Camp NaNoWriMo and one in the Fall during November NaNoWriMo. We will also be posting our dates here and sharing them through our Twitter account, newsletter, and website.

How does it work?

It works in 4 simple steps!

  1. You sign up to write with us for the event! - You’ll give us a basic bio, links to your platform of choice, and your goal. We will provide you with a PayPal donation link that you can place anywhere.
  2. Get some attention! - This is the big part! Once you’ve set your goal, you reach out to your followers through your platform of choice, be that Twitter, Facebook, SoFurry, Furry Network, Youtube, wherever! Tell people what your goal is and the cause that you're writing for. If you're an alumnus, talk about your experiences, too!
  3. Write! - The nitty-gritty! Work towards that goal, whatever it is. Celebrate those milestones! Definitely keep your backers informed as to your current goal progress. Many writers do this via blog post, but Twitter or Facebook or YouTube, or other forms of social media are just as valid. Keep those backers in the loop and they’ll stick with you to the end.
  4. Raise awareness! - All that noise hopefully raises interest in the event (and you get yourself some new readers, too!) Give yourself a round of applause for the hard work you've put in!
Have a question about the event? Check out our FAQ!