How do I sign up?

You can sign up right here on the website! Just visit the Participate page, fill out the form, wait for your donation button, and ready, set, write!

What sort of goal should I set?

That is completely up to you! You can set a goal of as little as 10 words a day, if that’s what you feel you can achieve, or you can set a NaNoWriMo style goal of 50,000 words in the month.

That’s not the only kind of goal you can set, though! You can set a goal of a certain number of blog posts, or a certain number of hours spent writing, or a certain number of pages edited on an existing work. The only rules are that the goal must be in some way related to writing, and that it must be a specific goal that you think you can achieve.

How do donations work? 

At this time, we are in the process of bringing both the Write-a-Thon and the Regional Anthropomorphic Writers Retreat into the Association for the Promotion of Anthropomorphic Writing and working towards establishing ourselves as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Because of the additional paperwork requirements (and because we like to dot our i's and cross our t's), we cannot accept donations at this time.

We would love for participants to help promote us, though! If you're feeling up for offering a tweet or two about us during this year's Fall Write-a-Thon season, or even participating, we would appreciate it, and we will gladly add your name to our list of contributors!

But I *want* to *donate*!

We love you for that, and we appreciate your enthusiasm! We can't do that without filing the paperwork first, though. Sorry!

Am I required to post the writing I do somewhere?

Only if you wish to do so, or if you have agreed to do so to your backers. As writers ourselves, we know that editing and polishing work takes time, and nobody should ever post or publish a piece of work that they do not feel is ready.

Who runs this operation?

The person overseeing the Write-a-Thon is Sparf.

Tell me about this workshop.

For all the details relating to the workshop itself, visit this website

I’d rather not participate in the Write-a-Thon. How can I help in other ways?

If you would like to help out in other ways, keep an eye on the news posts or our newsletter from the website, as we may reach out to the community from time to time for assistance. Additionally, you can tweet about us, or if you're an alumnus, you can share your experience from your time at the workshop!

I have a question about the Write-a-Thon that isn’t answered here.

For further questions or clarifications, you may contact sparf [AT] or find @sparf on Twitter.