Below is a list of all the individuals contributing their efforts to the Write-a-Thon for 2016.

We would like to thank these individuals for their time, patience, and efforts in working to raise funds for our cause.

We encourage visitors to this page to visit these individuals at their convention spaces, blogs, and websites and thank them as well!

Sparf Icon, Aug 2016 Name Sparf
Writing Style Soft sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and magical alternate history
Writing Goal 20,000 words or two stories submitted
Pledge Goal US $250
A green wolf who spends most of his time confused. Recent publication credits include FANG 7 and ROAR 7, two anthologies published by Fur Planet.

Name Chandra Alkani
Writing Style Slice of life, contemporary, science fiction                    
Writing Goal 12,000 Words, 2 stories edited
Pledge Goal US $500
A medium-sized cat that stalks around looking for words and stories. Sometimes, they find them. Not yet published, but has at least two stories in the works and would be working on them as part of this fundraiser.

Name Kyell Gold
Writing Style Various genres                                                         
Writing Goal Varies; depends on overall funds raised
Pledge Goal Varies
Special Note:
Kyell Gold has issued a challenge to people interested in donating to the Write-a-Thon! For more information, see the 2016 Contributions Page for more information.

Name Skunkbomb
Writing Style Various                                                                  
Writing Goal 10,000 words
Pledge Goal US $100
I'm a writer in Northern Virginia who enjoys writing of the furry variety. I don't have a fursona, but my most prominent character is Chester, a 1920s salesweasel.